Thursday, August 29, 2013

A's word of the month - Beautiful.

Off late, A started to use the word beautiful in almost every conversation -

  • We bought him the light-up shoes with the Planes movie design. He loves the shoes so much that he wears them at home too. One day when he put on the shoes, he asked C " Nana, can I go to Green Bay and show my beautiful shoes to Miss Crushere?"
  • Every morning while brushing, he looks at himself in the mirror and says, " Amma, Akhi is beautiful."
  • Whenever he is ready to go out, even simple grocery store visits, he asks us if he is beautiful or not. 
  • As soon as he build a Lego structure with his duplo blocks, he will show it to us and tell us, " Amma, it is beautiful, right?"
  • On the phone to grandparents in India, " Akhi is wearing a sponge bob shirt. It is beautiful."
  • " Amma, is my tiger beautiful?" ( to this I think - ohh so now we talk about the beauty of soft toys too. Hmmm, interesting!)
  • On getting the boys a nice duvet cover from Ikea - it is a vehicle print one with bold colours, A says to S,  "Siddhu, our new bed sheet is beautiful. Right?"
  • If I make a PB and J and cut the sandwiches in a penguin / heart / elephant shape, deck it with raisins as eyes, corn as beaks etc; he will always complement the sandwich saying, " That sandwich is beautiful."
  • We recently got A's hair cut real short (in Telugu, we call it dippa cutting). Every morning I show him a picture of himself with more than shoulder length hair and ask him, " Which Akhi do you like more - the one with the long long hair in the picture or the one in my lap with the really short hair?" To this, he replies " The one with the long long hair." I ask, " Why?" . He replies, " Because Akhi is beautiful with long long hair."
  • Using his crayons and markers, He turns a white paper plate into a multi colored water body. Each day, the water body is dominated with a different shade of various colors. He puts it up for display and asks the viewer, " Isn't my water beautiful? Can you pin it on the craft board?"
  • If I make him a mixed snack of rainbow gold fish crackers and pizza gold fish crackers he says , " Amma, my snack is so beautiful?"
  • On varalakshmi vratam ( 08/16/2013), I straightened my hair, wore a saree and decked up. I asked him how I looked. My sweetie pie replied, " Amma, you look beautiful." And that made my day even more beautiful...

The funniest part is that he asks his older brother, S too (as if S will know anything). And he will neither accept "no" nor silence for an answer. He will make us answer in the affirmative.

And the sweetest part is the way he says the word beautiful - that in itself is very beautiful. We love it so much that we make him use the word repeatedly day in and day out.

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