Saturday, August 10, 2013

Xtremely Important - Practice before you preach

S's quite-for-some-time doubt : "Why do vehicles have red rear lights? And why do these lights come on only at specific times?" I gave him a theoretical explanation with which he wasn't very satisfied. So, I gave him a practical explanation while on our way to Walmart for some back-to-school shopping. Giving him the explanation, I lost the way and ended up taking a U-turn. Seeing that I took a U-turn,

S : Amma, you again lost the way to Walmart?

Myself : Siddhu, you were constantly talking about brakes, accelarators, head-lights and rear-lights that I got diverted and I lost the way. Just stay calm for a minute and I will be on the right track.

S: But Amma,  some times you and Nana talk a lot while I am doing my Math work. Because of your talking, I get disturbed and I end up doing some of the sums incorrect. But you tell me that in spite of  anyone's talking, I still should do my Math correct. Just like that, even though Akhi and I keep talking in the car, you should not lose your way.

Hmmm, Nice logic... (Point noted)

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