Thursday, August 22, 2013

I am cuter, that is why I am big brother.

S and A chat with each other very often - while I am in the kitchen, after tucking them into bed at night, while playing in their room, in the van and so on. This summer, one day I overheard S say the following to his brother: "Akhi, you know why I am your older brother? In the beginning, we did not have parents and Mom/Dad did not have kids. They wanted children and prayed to God for the same. So, she asked God for children. He asked her to choose from a bunch of children with Him. She selected you and me. God made both of us cute. But still God made me your Annayya (older brother in telugu) because even though we both are cute, I am cuter than you - just a tiny bit, but I am cuter than you are. That is why I am your Annayya...:-)"...

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