Saturday, August 10, 2013

Why don't I have 2 fathers?

One day during this summer I was reading "Tales of Lord Hanuman" from the Galgotia's publication. The very first tale was about the birth of Lord Hanuman. The story read as follows: "Hanuman was also called - Kesari Nandan and Anjani putra after his parents (Kesari being Hanuman's father and Anjani, Hanuman's mother). Pavan, the God of Wind was his spiritual father so he was also known as Pavan Putra."

On hearing this, S asked me, "Amma, if Hanuman has two fathers; why don't I have two fathers? I have only one daddy, why is it so? How can Hanuman have two fathers and only one mother? Everybody should have only one mother and one father."

OMG ! Crazy questions !!! Felt like tearing my head apart - mythology and it's many complications...

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