Sunday, August 18, 2013

Why Lord Indra does not have hair on His chest?

One day S was going through at the pages of an Indian mythological story book he has. Looking at a picture of Lord Indra, he asked, "Amma, why does Lord Indra not have hair on His chest? Dad has hair on his chest, why not Lord Indra?"

First of all, I wondered where children now-a-days get their questions from. But the answering talent kicked in and I replied saying, "Some men are like that. Some have hair on their chest and some others don't. " I showed him a picture of Shah Rukh Khan and told him, "See, he too does not have hair on his chest."

I wonder if my answer was OK but, I understood that with children (like it is with people) there is no black and white - it is only that grey area. 

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