Monday, August 26, 2013

Is corn dog veggie?

S started to attend Kindergarten this year in a traditional academy in Arizona. The schools offer meals at reduced prices, based on the lunch account money. But since S is a vegetarian, I usually pack his lunch from home.

On the first day of school, like usual I packed s's favorite lunch to school. After school, we had the following conversation:

Me: S, how was your day? Whom did you sit by during lunch?

S: My day was good, Amma. I sat by some of my friends for lunch. But Amma, some children buy their lunch from school. I think their mommies are too busy to make lunch for them. But, there are other children who brought their lunch from home like me.

Me: Siddhu, I think the children who buy their lunch at school like it that way. may be they would get the same stuff from home. I would have allowed you to buy if there was a vegetarian option, but I checked your menu and there was no vegetarian option.

S: Amma, there was a corn dog at school today for lunch. I thought of picking it up, because I like corn and it said corn dog. But I wasn't sure if it was vegetarian or not, so I did not pick it up. Even though corn is my favorite, I did not eat corn dog. Amma, is corn dog vegetarian? 

C and I were surprised by his thought process. I was amazed at the fact that he did not  eat meat only because that is what we follow at home (even though the name made him think that his favorite vegatable, corn was in it)...

Sometimes S is very strong-willed. Hoping he will keep his strong will for the future too.

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