Tuesday, September 10, 2013

I am brown and Hailey is white but...

2011 was S's first year in preschool and his best friend at that time was Hailey, an American fair skinned little girl. It was during a time when S just turned 3 or was about to turn 3 (September to December time frame) that we both had the following conversation-

S: Amma, why are some children dark like me and some children white like Hailey?

Me (not knowing what exactly to answer to such a heavy question):  God makes people like that, Siddhu. He makes people of different colors from different places and with different habits.

S: No, Amma. I think Hailey is white (he did not know the word fair and its usage) because her mommy and daddy are white. And, I am brown because you and Nana are brown.

Me (jaw dropped in awe) : Yes dear. That is very correct.

S: But you know Amma even though our skin is different colors, we are best friends. And that is OK because skin color is not important when we make friends. Any child can make friends with any child irrespective of the skin color because the children do not ask for a particular skin color. It is given to the child when he/she is made. Right, Amma? 

Me (at a loss of words) : Yes, you are absolutely right. But who told you this?

S: I just know it Amma. 

I don't know from where he got it, but it was a sweet and sensible logic from a 3-yr old. If only the entire world thought on the same lines...

And till date if S wants a boy in a coloring sheet to represent himself, he will color the skin of the boy brown.

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