Friday, August 9, 2013

Early Entrance To Kindergarten

Usually Kindergarten accepts children who are 5 years old. S is 4 years old and will be turning 5 this November. So, we were expecting him to be in preschool for another year and start Kindergarten in 2014. But the Arizona law is a little different. It states that all children must be 5 years old to be registered in kindergarten. There is one exception to this rule though - any child who will turn 5 between September 2nd and December 31st can be accepted into the Kindergarten program provided the child scores well in an 'Early Entrance To Kindergarten' exam. This exam is conducted by the district office. It is a 1 hr exam; 1st half hr is social skills and the 2nd half hr is more academic.

S undertook his exam on 25th of July, 2013 @ 10:30 a.m. C and I think he was a little tensed, but when asked S replies that he is not. (I am sure he does not even understand what tensed means.). He came out of the exam in all smiles. Right after the test we had the following conversation with him:

Myself: How did you do?
S: I did goodly. No, I did good. (He answered on a very positive note.)
Myself: What did they ask you?
S: Amma, I do not remember the questions. But I answered one question without seeing. And I answered it correct.
Myself: How do you know you answered correct.
S: Because the teacher said "Good" as soon as I answered that question.

As promised we took him for a treat. I think it was more a treat for us than the boys. We had cupcakes - Mojito cupcakes for parents and chocolate cupcakes for the boys....

I thought that the Mojito cupcakes were very creative and out of this world (loved the frosting - it was delicious)...

We were told that we would be hearing from the district office about his acceptance into Kindergarten in 2-3 days. But it did not wait that long. We got call on Friday ( 26th of July 2013) that S was accepted into Kindergarten (We were expecting the same). On hearing that I felt bitter-sweet; sad that my baby was growing up so fast but happy because he was going to learn new things, have new friends and have lots of fun...

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