Friday, June 13, 2014

Pearls Of Wisdom from 5 yr old S

Even before I start, I apologise for the long silence - school (yes, I am getting my MBA with two kids under 5 in tow), household chores, job hunts, career plans and most of all trying to be the perfect planned parent (which I gave up very recently for the good) - have kept me so busy that I usually have no time to breathe. 

Thanks to my wonderful husband for being so supportive while I am busy trying to finish case study write-ups, assignments, classes, credit hours, network and what not. During my summer break, I decided (have not promised) to blog daily so that I can make up for all the exciting - :-) and :-( - stuff that happened in the past year (my bad I never really prioritize my blog - hoping to change that).

Here goes my cutie little 5yr old's pearls of wisdom -

One fine Thursday evening in January of 2014, the three boys were getting ready for their swim class and I was in my MKT 502 (Marketing) class at school. C suddenly heard loud knocks(actually bangs) on his bedroom door saying, "Nana, something really bad happened with the kids toilet. It is really bad. We promise me and Akhil did not do anything. It happened on its own." On running to the kids bathroom, he found that the toilet overflowed. Later S told him that when he flushed once, the water did not go down easily. So, he flushed again and again and again - about 4 times. Suddenly the water just came out of the toilet wetting the bathroom floor and the carpet nearby. 

C began to clean up and while doing so, he muttered to himself, " I hate this life…". Actually, there were various other things going on that were bothering us - my immigration, a sense of settlement, etc etc. So everything put together, he was just so irritated and muttered, "I hate my life…". On hearing this, S immediately said, "No Nana, you should not hate your life. Your life is nice. You should say, I hate this apartment. It is this apartment that you don't like not your life." He had just turned 5 and C was shocked hearing such wise words from him. 

My dearie Siddhu! your tiny little reminders about what really matters in life are so important and we are ever thankful to you. Keep up this spirit no matter where you are, how you are and how old you grow...Love you to infinity and beyond. :-)


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