Wednesday, June 25, 2014

Eating meat - live and let live.

For those of you who directly came here, please read my previous posts related to this topic hereMore of S's conversations after he got to know that C eats meat. The one good thing happening from all of this is that he is beginning to understand the whole concept of Live and Let Live, a very important yet undermined personality trait...

April 2014 (at dinner time):
C and the boys were eatings eggs for dinner and I was eating some vegetables, when the following conversation took place:

S: Nana, serve Amma some eggs. 
C: Amma does not eat eggs. So she has will eat some other curry instead.
S: Why does not Amma eat eggs?
C: I do not know. I asked her to, but she does not.
S: May be Amma thinks that there is a chicken inside the egg. And since chicken is meat and she does not eat meat, thats why she does not eat eggs.
C: May be, I just am not sure. (These are C's typical answers)
S: No Nana, eggs are very healthy. Amma will be strong if she eats. Why don't you break one and show her that there is no chicken inside the egg.
C (more hungry than tired): Lets do it the next time we cook eggs, OK?
S (satisfied): Ok. :)

May 2014 (at Costco)
While waling past all the aisles in Costco, we were sampling the food that they usually keep at the different stalls. That day it was ravioli, cheese popcorn and crackers. C and A were walking ahead when C suddenly stopped at another tasting booth. Noticing that it was a salad with bacon pieces, he avoided it.
S: Nana, give me that food.
C: It has meat in it dear. May be some other item.
S: Then you eat it. You like meat, so why not?
C: That's Ok Siddhu. I will eat some other item. 
S: No Nana. You like meat. So, you should eat it. You should not stop eating just because I don't eat meat and I am with you. I won't feel bad. 
C: Its Ok raa. I don't like that item.
S: How do you know you do not like it until you eat it? Go, get some for yourself. Eat it. Its Ok, Nana.

….This went on between S and C for quite some time and none of us are sure how the conversation dwindled away. But by the time we were out of Costco, we were done with that conversation…

Cutie Little S! He just loves his dad so much but he does not know how to show it…Looks like he got his "Live and Let live" nature from his dad…

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