Friday, June 27, 2014

2014 Fathers Day Special

Dear C,

This post is dedicated to you; the fabulous dad you are to our kids, the superhero they see in you, the smartest person they want to emulate, the one they adore day and night, the one they feel is working so hard for our family,the one they love having wrestling matches with, the one who is their forever ready partner at board games, the one whose bear hugs and kisses they look forward to, the one in whom they cannot find a mistake, the one they always want to be with…

Sorry this post is a little belated; as usual my laziness got the better of me…

Anyways heres wishing you a WONDERFUL FATHER'S DAY…The three of us are endlessly thankful for having you in our lives - We LoVe YoU tO bItS aNd PiEcEs…

Heres what your kids have to say about the wonderful fantabulous dad that you are -

From your dearie little 3 yr old Akhi:

He colored within the black lines for the first time. And he wrote a little message - he told me the message, I dictated the spellings and he wrote it. As it looks more like hieroglyphics ;), here is what he meant to tell you "To Nana, I miss you. I love you, I will buy you a car. You buy me a car."  The McQueen on his card is you and the two smileys on tops are your two little monsters.

From your dearie little 5 yr old Siddhu:

I don't have to really talk about his writing and drawings - they are all pretty self-explanatory. :)

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