Friday, June 13, 2014

Dad eats meat !!!

For those of you coming directly to this post, please read about S and his eating meat question in previous posts here.

March 2014 ( my cousin Rama and her family from Boston visited us):
One afternoon during my cousin's visit we went out for some Indo-Chinese lunch. We ordered some very good food (meat included) and C began to partake his food. S suddenly stopped him saying, "Nana, that is meat! Don't eat it. We don't kill animals and eat them.". Once C said, "It's Ok, Siddhu. I eat meat and I like it.". He was shocked - his face became pale and he looked totally confused. He had more questions and we gave more answers. Even while placing the order, S had questions about why we were ordering meat etc etc. No explanation was satisfying to S, but we finally made him stop just so that the situation does not become uncomfortable for everyone at the table. 

The truth behind his questions was that C never ate meat when we went out on family dinners/lunches. It was not intentional, but he really never had anyone to share a plate with. And eating one complete appetizer and entree was too much for me. So we usually ended up ordering vegetarian food. Thus S was under the impression that his dad does not eat meat. And after he heard my opinion on that topic until now (documented in my previous posts here), he was flabbergasted at the reality that dad enjoys eating meat !

That was the day S got to know our family's complete eating habits - dad eats meat, mom does not and mom does not give S and A. But growing up they have a choice to make and whatever they choose, they got to make an informed decision. Thats all!

March 2014 (@ Sprouts, a local grocery store in AZ):
S just got to know that his dad eats meat and the rest of us in our family do not. He started negotiating with C about the frequency of his meat eating.
S: Nana, don't eat meat. I don't like it when you kill the animals.
C: I don't kill animals. Someone else kills them and packs them for me. I just eat what they cook. And also I really like the taste of meat. So, I don't want to stop eating it.
S: Ok, then you eat only once in a month, ok?
C: OMG! That is too infrequent. May be once a week.
S: No Nana, that is too often. It is a lot of meat.
C: Na raa Siddhu. I really like meat. So I will try and limit myself to once a week.

Then I had to intervene to put an end to the whole negotiation…Though C eats as and when he pleases, listening to the negotiation between my cutie 5 yr old S and C was heart warming…

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