Friday, June 27, 2014

June 26th, 2014 - A, a swimming SeaHorse

Last Thursday, A's swim teacher told us that he is very code to being in the second level. All he was lacking is consistency while doing kicks on back. After kicking on his back for a couple of minutes, he seems to wander away his legs in all possible directions. This makes him lose balance and A ends up laughing.  

Today (Thursday) while we were getting ready for swimming A said, "Amma, I am going to a new class because I am in the next level of swimming." To that I replied, "No dear. You are going to the same class. But you are doing extremely well and just need to be kicking for longer. And don't worry - you will soon be in the second level."

Ever since S went into the Dolphin level, S's class is at 5:30 pm; that means a half hour wait for A's class at 6:00 pm. That half hour A tests my patience to the utmost - walks away to the pool, starts crying when i tell him not to, grinds my feet with his shoes, sits only in my lap (not in the chair), does not want any reading , wants only one thing and that is to go swimming NOW!!!

So there we were at the swim school, S was done swimming. It was 6:00 pm and A been his swim. All the while I was secretly hoping that A goes to the second level today. It just would have been a wonderful feeling for my dear little A. Suddenly towards the end of his half hour swim, a teacher came by and assessed A. While I was eagerly watching, C was pretty relaxed to bothered about if A will go to the next level or not.  A seemed to do an excellent job with underwater bubbles, independent back float, independent kicks on back, ring retrieval from pool bottom, jump into water and swimming to the pool edge. And finally while in the changing rooms, C and S walked unto A and gave him his small little STARFISH badge… 

A made it to the second level of swimming at his swim school, SeaHorse. 

YAY!!!!! Time to Celebrate!!!!!

Per the three boys' request and a family tradition, we went to a local Italian eatery - the boys love love love Italian food, they can never get enough of it. True to our expectations, the food was phenomenal and the service was impeccable.

Another day came to a close just like that with wonderful moments turning into everlasting memories!

Love you to infinity and beyond, my dear boys…

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