Wednesday, October 3, 2012


When we went on our second family trip to Washington D.C. in May 2011, we went to the National Air and Space Museum where we bought a book called "The 8 Spinning Planets" for the boys (The book says that Pluto is too small to count as a planet - that is why only 8 planets). And for some odd reason, S started to love planets since this Summer.  So, every night S would bring his Planets book and A would bring his Goodnight Little One book to read at bedtime.
Observing S's interest and out of his own love for books, A made it a daily ritual that every night after dinner he brings the two same books for me to read to them - Good Night Little One (for himself) and 8 spinning planets (for S). 

Today while I was reading out the planets book to S, he and I had the following very interesting conversation -

Mom: Siddhu, Mercury is the smallest planet in our solar system.
S: Why? Why is it the smallest?
Mom: Because God created it so.
Mom: Because God wanted it so.
S: Why?
Mom: Because God likes it that way.
S: Why?
Mom (it finally struck me) : Its just like how you never eat spicy food - You don't like it, so you don't eat it, right? Similarly, God did not want Mercury to be big. That is why he made it tiny.
S: Ohh, OK. So, tiny like baby Akhi and not like big boy Siddhu?
Mom: Yes.

Then when Earth's turn came,
Mom: Earth is where we all live.
S: Even Dimpu akka, Ammamma and Bharath Mama?
Mom: Yes - all of us live on the earth.
S: Why? How will we all fit on earth. It is small.
Mom: In the book, they draw it small so you can see it. But in reality, it is HUGE, dear.
S (pointing to Jupiter) : But see Jupiter is the biggest planet. It's big just like Nana. So, why don't we go live there - we all will have much more space.
Mom: Jupiter is really cold.
S: Why?
Mom: Because it is too far away from the sun.
S: Earth can get cold too when it snows. So, why do we all live on Earth?
Mom: Even though it snows on earth, we find find yogurt, fruit, peanut butter and jelly etc etc. We will not find such things on any other planet. Also, it is cold only for a while. then we will have spring, summer and fall.
S: Ohh, OK. Amma, Earth is beautiful - It has green and blue colors on it.
Mom: Yes, that is true and it is more beautiful because little boys like you live on it. So, now Jupiter has two moons unlike Earth which has only one moon.
S: Why? 
Mom (I gave up) : I will find out from Mrs. Erin or Mrs. Kaufmann and let you know (his teachers at school).
S (pointing to the Earth): You live here (pointed to Asia), Nana lives here (South Africa), I live here (pointed to North America), Akhi lives here (pointed to something in the North - I think that was Greenland)
Mom: Yes dear. Now, it is time to be done with the book.

Then I think, just wait for tomorrow to come around - all our locations on Earth are going to change...
When S and I chit chat, my brain has to be in the THINK HARD mode most of the time. His questioning never ceases. And he will question the very reality like "Why do rabbits eat carrots?" I am not going to have an answer for that other than, "Because rabbits like carrots." And then again comes the question "Why do rabbits like carrots?". And there it goes on and on and on...

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  1. amazing that you get time to update all these little things, C should be doing a lot of house chores :)