Thursday, October 4, 2012

Family photo shoot - July 27th, 2012

After a nice long vacation in India, the boys and I returned from India in May of 2011. Thinking about the summer here at Wisconsin, I just got the boys' heads shaved off at Puttaparthy, India. Then once their hair started to grow, it was BIG DECISION TIME. Should I get them a hair cut or not? After some thinking, we decided to get S his hair cut (because he anyways wore it really long and curly during his baby days). But for A, we decided the opposite. He was still a baby and I really wanted to see him with long baby hair. He had wonderful hair - I fell in love with his hair over and over again. It grew really long and curly. So, we decided that we cut his hair after his 2nd birthday. (Though in May 2012, I cut his hair in the front to make some bangs just to prevent the front hair from falling into his eyes). But we reverted our decision based on the extremely harsh summer this year and we got A his first hair cut at the Aveda Salon and Spa near our house. Just for memory sake, we had a family photo shoot with long hair Akhi (and Sailatha). Below are the pics from the same. We totally totally enjoyed the shoot - the boys were all over the place, running, posing, pulling each other and what not. It was one of our most memorable family days.  As the famous quote goes "A picture is worth a thousand words..."....


  1. Really cute grow up so fast, these pictures will soon help in refreshing your memory :)

  2. thank you so much.Yes, they do grow up really fast.