Tuesday, October 9, 2012

New Dad

When S was 2 and a half years old (in the summer of 2011), C tried to discipline S on something that happened (I don’t remember what though). Immediately, S came to my side of the bed and said “Amma, Come on. Let’s go and get a new dad. We’ll return this dad to Walmart and buy a new one.” 

Mom (thinking) - If it were that easy, Siddhu...:-P
Actually, I was wondering what a brat he was at just 2 and a half years.None the less, I always love you a lot, my dear Siddhu...


  1. I heard this one from Aunty and Uncle and we still laugh about it! No doubt we can embarrass Siddhu when he grows up! ��

  2. I know sai, even Amrusha used to say that when she is 2 , but now she knows nobody can replace her mom and dad....