Tuesday, October 9, 2012

Honesty - Can it get any better?

One day S told me, “Amma, don’t cook pasta for me. If you want me to eat pasta, you take me to the pasta hotel (he meant Olive Garden) and I will eat all my pasta all by myself. Also, I will not need constant nudging from you if you take me to the hotel. You don’t make good pasta – I like the one the hotel makes a lot. I love it.”

Now, can honesty get any better? I learnt my lesson and stopped making in-house pasta recipes. Now, I look at the recipe on the box and scale it down. Or search for time tested pasta recipes in the internet and follow the same. 

P.S.: I would never agree to anything like this coming from C. But when it is from a 3 yr old, I know that it is TRUE. (Usually S never says anything that can hurt me or is against me.) 

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