Tuesday, October 9, 2012

Mom is very tired.

Couple of weeks back, just while we were thinking aloud on who should take the kids to bed – C or I.

S (to his Dad): Amma is very very tired. So, you can clear up the kitchen, clean the dishes, clear up the living room and make our lunch boxes for tomorrow ready. And Amma, Akhi and I will sleep.
Dad: Siddhu, I am very very tired too. So, can I too sleep with you guys.
S (to his Dad): If you too sleep, who will do all the work?
Dad: Amma.
S: Amma is more tired than you are. She works a lot. You don’t work that much. So you can do one of two things – sleep with us, wake up after the three of us sleep and then finish the house work OR finish the house work now and then sleep by us. It’s up to you. Right, Amma?
Mom (Diplomatically avoiding both, C and S) : Come on, boys. Let's go. It's bed time. 

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