Monday, September 16, 2013

A wants to go to school :(

Since S started Kindergarten, A always accompanies me in seeing off his big brother to school.  And once S is in school, I spend some time with A playing legos, teaching him some letter sounds, dancing, reading a book, cooking and more. Most of the days, I read during A's nap time. Though, some days I  have to read a bit during my morning just so that I can complete some of my pending MBA homework. And some of those days it feels like A is the naughtiest little boy in town - he needs mommy to take him potty (other days he does it by himself), various parts of his body begin to ache all of a sudden (only lots of mommy's kisses can cure those aches), daddy kisses and cuddles are but a disturbance to him (every other time he enjoys daddy's bear cuddles and asks for more), asks for snack very often just to make mommy visit the snack center as often as possible and what not. he just does not like it when I study and he is all by himself - of course now, which 2 year old will like that. He does everything possible to grab my attention.  But frankly speaking,  he has been a very co-operative 2 year old since my MBA started. 

Like any other day, we started our routine last Friday (09/13/2013). With the mid terms fast approaching I  was trying to get caught up with my reading and A was busy trying to write out his letters. Suddenly he got up, put on his shoes and stood at the front door and began to cry. He cried a lot and very loudly. And why? Only because he wanted to go to school just like his older brother...He hung to the door knob, brought me my shoes and said, "Amma, come on. Drop me at my school. Otherwise, let us go and pick up Siddhu from his school" It took a lot of consoling and kissing to calm him down. And then once calm, it became TV time.

That day, I realized how much A wanted to be amongst kids his age. Ever since he was 1 year old, he just got so used to that routine in Green Bay that I almost feel very wicked to have taken that away from him. He went to a wonderful school, had very loving teachers and one hell of a naughty toddler population to play with. I sometimes feel bad that he had to give up all of that so that I can pursue my Masters from an institution of my choice. But it won't be long. My baby will turn 3 next Thursday and then he will be off to pre-school - a bittersweet moment for me and a sweet sweet moment for his daddy. However happy I am, I still feel that pinch because he is growing up so fast. Though I am very glad that he will explore and learn new things, make new friends, meet new people, but still...

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