Monday, January 13, 2014

Little minds, big questions...

In the second half of 2013:
S is an extremely inquisitive kid; he has a why? what? when? and how? for every thing someone tells him. And both myself and C encourage his questions. We both feel strongly that it is very important for a child to question and even more important for parents to take time and effort in answering the same . To that point C usually sends S in my direction; sometimes my answers are to the point, other times they raise more questions, and even more times it is just "I am not sure, I will look into it and let you know." His recent questions have been 
  • Does a pe*** have a bone? (This one he asked C while he was peeing)
  • Mom, are you married? (Suddenly, out of the blue while driving)
  • If you had two other boys instead of me and Akhil you would be telling them every night that you love them most and that they are the cutest two boys in the entire planet, right Amma? 
  • Who will be mine and Akhi's wife? 
Now with those questions, I will let you imagine what the next one might be...

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