Thursday, February 14, 2013

I am a baby.

Usually S's bath time becomes a mess, because of A. A wanders into the bathroom, sticks his hand into the potty, pumps all of the hand soap, gets into the cabinet under the sink and plays with the plumbing there, pulls his brother's hair from outside the tub, pulls the water tap the the extremes and more and more (as if the above is not enough)...So, we started to close the master bedroom door and keep the knob protector on so A cannot open the door.

Around Aug-Sep of 2012 (A was about 2 yrs old), C was giving S a bath in the master bathroom. He closed the master bedroom door so that A does not go in and make a mess of stuff in the bedroom and/or bathroom. A went till the master bedroom door (there was a protector on it), he tried to open it – he could not – he immediately said -
           “Nana (Dad), can you open the door for me, please?”. 
Nana did not respond. Noticing that C did not open the door, A spontaneously said – 
           “Nana (Dad), I am a baby. Now, can you open the door for me, please?”

…Now, who can resist opening the door??? Only parents, I think - because we see the naughty spark through that cute smile. But I must admit, I was so amused that I carried him into my arms and played with him till C was done (pausing my dinner preparations)...

Oh my dear Akhi - I love you to the moon and back... (Or may be to eternity and beyond...)

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