Thursday, February 14, 2013


This was way back in Fall of 2012, during one of our skype sessions with C’s parents. I served lunch during the online session. And I just wanted to have a decent lunch hour – without any nudging/yelling to eat. While I was busy getting A to eat; S was engrossed in talking to his grandparents that he had not taken even his first bite (in the past 20 mins).  (I think he was purposely not paying attention to my repetition of my lunchtime punch line “Eat your food. Else, you will not grow tall like Nana.”). But A took away most of my attention, that I could not handhold S that day during lunch. Observing the situation, my father-in-law intervened and –

KKD Tata: Siddhu, eat you food quickly. If you eat your food fast, then you and I can chat for a long long time. 

S: What will you give me if I eat my food fast?

KKD Tata: I will give you a blue airplane (S’s favorite color at that time was blue)

S: Ok, I will eat. (He began to nibble)

KKD Tata (to make S eat faster): Siddhu, you are eating with a spoon. Ohh, how nice? I don’t know how to eat with a spoon. Will you teach me to eat with a spoon if I give you the blue airplane?

S: Yes, I will teach you. See, how well I can eat with my spoon. 
He showed his grandpa how he can eat with a spoon and finally was done with his entire lunch. Thank GOD (Actually, THANK GRANDPA!)

KKD Tata: Now that you are done with your lunch, can you teach me how to eat with a spoon. You ate so well. I also want to learn the same from you.

S: No, I will not teach you. You did not give me an airplane. So, I will not teach you. BTW I want a brown airplane, my brother wants a red one and dad wants the blue airplane. So, when you give us our airplanes, then I will teach you to eat with a spoon. And since you anyways know how to eat with your hand, you don’t need to know how to eat with a spoon. (During the conversation S remembered that he likes Mater more than McQueen and Doc Hudson – that is why he started off with a blue airplane and ended up with wanting a brown one)

Oh My Siddhu Cutie Pie!!! You are growing up so fast - I just hope time could stand still the second you were born... SLOW DOWN DEAR...

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