Monday, February 4, 2013

Grumpy Grandma...:-|

On 13th Jan, 2013 (Sunday), the following conversation happened between me and Siddhu –

Myself: Siddhu, it is nap time. Can you go to bed?
S: Mom, I would like to chit chat with you (He said this in Telugu – Amma, neetho kaburulu chepthanu)
Myself: OK, Siddhu. Let us spread your sleeping bag and lie down for half hr, just like you do at school.
S : OK, Amma. But you have to be by my side.

So, I was sitting by him and he was lying down on his sleeping bag and we were chit chatting about all weird things (flying cars etc). My father-in-law came by and showed him a black and white photo of a lady in her early 20s and then-

Father-in-law: Siddhu, who is this in the photo?
S: I don’t know. Amma, can you tell me.
Myself: Siddhu that’s your grandma (dad’s mom).
S: No, that can’t be.
Myself: Why?
S: Because they both are different – the grandma standing in the kitchen and the one in the photo are different.
Myself: How are the two different?
S: The grandma in the photo is not grumpy. Grandma has to be grumpy. See grandma in the kitchen, she is grumpy always.
Myself:Which grandma do you like; the grumpy one in the kitchen or the smiling one in the photo?
S: (thinking) Mmmm..I think I like the grumpy grandma in the kitchen...:-)

What else to do, but myself and my father-in-law burst out laughing and my FIL said to my MIL – “Vani, I told you that you have to learn to smile before you come to the United States.”

...Kids have such a pure heart that they say everything that comes to their minds. And as a parent I understood that one can learn a lot from children. t is just that as adult, I think that children's observation power is negligible, but such incidents tell me time and again that in fact children can have a very keen observation power...

Now, for the lesson learnt - I better not be grumpy before my kids again.

My dear Siddhu, Mommy loves you a lot, lot, lot; to the moon and back...

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