Monday, September 17, 2012

Partners in crime (Screaming) - #1

When I saw t-shirts that said, "Double trouble"; it just amused me. But now I truly understand the meaning of it. S was an extremely active kid but he wasn't naughty, at least I thought so. A has always been naughty, so naughty that I bought him a tee which read "You can call me Super Serious Big Time Trouble". When the two get together, it is like Oh God! What have I gotten into !!! Thats when I started calling them Partners in Crime whenever they would be extremely busy brewing trouble in some far away part of the house in total silence. Though that meant tonnes of work for Mom / Dad, we both cherish every moment of it. Here I plan to record all their doings (rather misdoings) as trouble creators and makers.

A started to walk in October of 2011. Very excited with his new found skill (more so, freedom), A would explore every nook and corner of the house. Since I was a stay at home mom, he followed me everywhere that I went in the house. When I would be in the kitchen he would come to the kitchen, look me in the eyes and start yelling as loud as loud can be (just an AAAAA.....). He slowly instigated S to do it too, and by November 2011 both of them made it a daily ritual - to come to the kitchen, stand next to each other, look at me and scream... While screaming, their eyes would gleam with naughtiness, twitch with pleasure and send secret smiles of victory - that was a sight I used to religiously wait for everyday. This daily ritual stopped in February of 2011 when we shifted houses :-( , but more came up...:-)..

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  1. OMG....Sailatha ....all your stories are awesome..... Ur kids are awesome......I remember we all chatting to glories end with you......U r a gr8 mom....Awesome kids & mom..:)

    Navya Jajimi