Wednesday, August 15, 2012

Myself and my family...

MYSELF - am from Andhra Pradesh, India.Though I always wanted to be a doctor, I studied Engineering in Communications and then took up a job in a software firm like most of the engineering under grads during my time did. I am a hard core Taurean - stubborn, stubborn and more stubborn (but that changed and is still changing with time)... I love to dance, craft, eat, read, watch movies, bake, listen to music, travel and try new things.
In February of 2006, me and my fiance (my classmate in collge) got married. That changed the 'I'/ 'ME'/'MYSELF' to 'WE BOTH' - me and Hubby dear, Chaitanya a.k.a Chaitu (will go by C in this blog).C is an avid sports fan and is the inspiration behind this blog. I love him to death and he loves me more than that. My father once told me - It is pretty easy to find a man you love, but to find a man who loves you most is close to impossible. So, hold on tight and though there may come some turbulences, just trust in each other and you will be happy...And that is exactly what I have been doing till date. It took him 'JUST' 5 yrs of telling for me to start a blog. Phew! Long story short, we moved to the United States in the second half of 2006 and have been here since.
In Nov of 2008 our family grew by 17 inches - Welcome Siddharth a.k.a Siddhu (will go by S in this blog). Then again in September of 2010, our family grew once again by 19 inches - Welcome Akhil a.k.a Akhi (will go by A in this blog).And that is MY FAMILY...

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