Tuesday, August 14, 2012

Why I decided to blog?

Two big reasons why I wanted to blog -

Time flies, childhood flies even faster and only memories stay... For a long long time now, I wanted to make a journal of my children's growing up - their conversations, pranks, jokes, laughs, sulking etc etc and this is going to be it.

I rediscover or discover an unknown part of myself everyday from people I meet, stories I hear, conversations I am a part of and incidents I see. But the best part of it all happened only after I became a MOM. Here I want to record how I discovered various aspects of myself only after I became a parent. 

Please wish me luck and enjoy some reading!

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  1. Hey, all the best. Believe me, it will be fun and you will cherish all these when you look back.

    My personal experience:

    Happy kid blogging