Monday, February 10, 2014

S's Q and A

More of S's question /answers - 

S:Mom, if a cow gives us milk. It must be drinking a lot of milk too, right?
Myself: No, Siddhu. A cow eats grass; don't you remember from your trip to the petting zoo?
S: Then some of the grass turns into milk in the cow's body and some of it comes out as poo-poo, right?
Myself: After digesting, the waste comes out as poo-poo. You are absolutely correct.


S:Amma, does God really exist? If yes, does he live amongst us? If yes why can't I see him?
Myself: Siddhu, God is in you.
S: Amma, how can he breathe if he sits inside me?
I gave up - for some reason I am not comfortable explaining mythology and religion.

S: Is Kamsa, the bad guy from the Krishna story, still living?
Myself: No, he was dead a long time back.
S: No, Amma I think he came back but this time around he promised that he will not be hurting little boys or babies.


S: Our van does not have an emergency exit like my school bus has? So if 4 or 5 bad people surrounded us how can we escape?
Myself: Siddhu, people who want to hurt children know that they can find children for sure in a school bus. On the other hand a van might have big people too in it. So usually people who attack vans do so either for money or for some other reasons. And don't think about someone attacking children - as long as you listen to what me and nana say about being safe (hold hands while outside, don't run away from our line of sight…) you will be very safe.

S: When children fall sick, parents take care of them. Thats why if you and I fall ill together, then you always make sure that I am taken care of first - see a doctor, have all my medications and only then you take care of your sickness, right?
Myself: yes, Siddhu. Thats what all parents do.
C (jokingly): Don't worry Siddhu. Amma's parents will come from India to take care of her.
Myself: No Siddhu. I am big enough to take care of myself. So, nobody will come to take care of me. Your dad is there to care for me.
S: Even though Nana is there your parents should come from India to care for you when you are not well.
Myself (giving up) : Ok….:-)

Most of the time S's questions leave me wondering and wanting for more…

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