Monday, February 10, 2014

I don't like PTP Thatha

My in-laws went back to India end of May 2013 and we moved to Arizona in June of 2013 so that I can pursue my MBA from the W P Carey School Of Business (@ Arizona State University).  I left my current project and C had couple weeks of vacation that he took for the relocation. So our entire family was at home waiting for our U-pods to arrive so that we can start unloading and setting up our new home. We spent a lot of quality time with the kids - talking, dancing, singing, swimming, co-sleeping, playing weird games, inventing more such games and what not…Both me and C do all of these, but just in very different way - C asks more personal family/self oriented questions and I ask more general imaginative questions…Below is one conversation between C and S during that time that caught my attention and started me thinking.

C: Whom do you like most - Ammamma(mom's mom), PTP Thatha (Mom's dad), Nainamma(dad's mom) or KKD Thatha (dad's dad)?

S: I know what KKD Thatha and Nainamma did for me - they took care of me, fed me, put me to sleep, bathed me and played with me while we were at Green Bay. Hence I like them the most. I don't know what Ammamma or PTP Thatha did for me. So, I don't like them.

C: Siddhu, Ammamma took care of you when you were a baby. She came to US when you were about to be born and once you were born she bathed you , fed you, put you to bed, changed your diapers and played with you.

S:Yes, I remember seeing her in my baby photos. So, I like Ammamma same as Nainamma and KKD Thatha. But I don't like PTP Thatha.

C: PTP Thatha also took care of you when you were in India at his home. He played a lot with you and you enjoyed you time in Puttaparthy.

S: Yeah, I know that form the photos. But he never never ever came to our house in USA. And thats why I don't like him. May be I will start liking him if he comes to our USA home and takes care of me and Akhi…

There was a time when PTP Thatha was S's favorite person - this was when he was 2-4 yrs old and suddenly this drastic change. 

…And I just knew S would say that one day, sooner or later. He is a people person and all he wants at times is that people he loves and cares for are around him - nobody has to really do much but the presence is all that matters to S…

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