Friday, May 17, 2013

S for a smart sensitive Siddhu...

Smarty Siddhu - One night towards the end of brushing S's teeth, he started to say " amma, look my teeth are yellow in color. So let us brush again because I need to make them white (I don't like yellow teeth)." To that I thought there might be some food particle stuck on his teeth and I made him brush again. The second time in a row, he said the same thing about his teeth being yellow. Then I told him that it is the yellow light in the bathroom which is making his teeth look yellow. Right after his brushing was done he ran out and asked his dad to put on the white light in our house (above the fireplace). Though none of us understood why,his dad put on the white light. Immediately, S observed his teeth in the fireplace glass and was satisfied because he saw that his teeth were white and not yellow.

I was very impressed to see how smart S was. But, even before I could complete that thought, he justified that he can eat more chocolates than allocated per week. 
Now, coming to his sensitive side - S cannot see people in physical pain (he is too little for the emotional aspect of pain). Three out of 4 grandparents are gifted with the 'sweet gift',diabetes. So the three of them take insulin shots daily.  When he was 2 yrs old, he would sit ne t to my dad and tell him " Tata, is it hurting. Poke yourself slowly." And he would sit and see my dad through the whole thing. Similarly from when C's parents are here, he does the same thing for his KKD Tata, gives him a kiss and tells him not to worry about the pain -that the pain will go away. He does that with such a dearness that I feel like taking easy all his naughty doings around that time.

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