Saturday, May 18, 2013

Amma, my helper...

We are moving to Arizona and hence are really busy packing, discarding, moving and what not. The organizer in me makes a plan and that plan includes a bit of packing during the weekdays. But somehow both C and I are dog tired by the end of a weekday, so we hit the sack right after our daily routines. Seeing that there was no progress during the last week, I packed a lot today. And on my agenda was kids stuff -books, toys, entertainment etc. Taking advise from a teacher at school, I planned to include S in the  whole packing and moving process. So, while C was out with his parents and A; S and I started packing. I had the following conversation with him, rather he had it with me-
S: Amma, you asked me to stay at home and not Akhi because I am a good boy, dont tear books and do a lot of naughty things like Akhi?
I: Yes nana, Siddhu.
S: So, I am your helper for today, Amma?
I: Yes dear, you are my little helper.
S: But Amma, Akhi will become your helper when he is 4 or so. He is very little. Thats why he does a lot of naughty things.
I: do you think so? I doubt it.
S: No Amma, he will be your helper - like he is Mrs. James's helper at school.
I: OK, let us see.
S: You know Amma, all our birthdays will now be in Arizona. And I will miss their birthdays.
I: Whose birthdays will you miss, nana?
S: All my school friends - I am going to miss all their birthdays.
I: So, are you sad at that fact?
S:Yes. I will miss my school friends.
I: But you will make lots of new friends. So, are you not excited?
S: Yeah, I will make new friends. But I am not excited. I will still miss my Green Bay school friends.

I must say that even C and I are going to really really miss the school and the teachers. We love them like crazy. They take such good care of the kids - I just cannot describe...

Then we started packing the boys' books. S wanted to make three piles -
In pile - for books that have to packed right away.
Out pile - for books that can be kept out for the following weeks.
Car pile - for books he thought he and his brother need on their car rider from Green Bay to Phoenix.
He was surprised at the thought of driving, but he was kind of OK with it. He made a huge division of books - one train book ( The little engine that could), two look and find books (nemo and animals), planets book, good night book, Guess how much I love you, the very hungry caterpillar - the list goes on. While arranging the in-pile books  in a carton, the out-pile books in his book shelf and the car-pile books in a knapsack; he said-
"Amma, when nainamma ( C's mom) and Tata (C's dad) come home I will tell them that I helped you pack mine and my brother's stuff. Otherwise they will think that I only played and you packed all the stuff alone.
To that I replied, " Yes Siddhu, you are doing a wonderful job of packing. Thank you so much, dear."
he immediately said, " Actually you know Amma, I am packing and you are just helping me here and there.  am the one who is packing stuff very very seriously. So, you are my helper. I will tell Nainamma and Tata the same. Right, Amma?"
Then I said, " Yes dear, whatever you say."

While separating the DVDs into in / out piles, he checked every DVD case to make sure it had a disc in it. If it did not have a disc, he made sure I found the same for him right then. I must commend him on the  packing task, because he really really did a great job at it.  This very good behavior earned him extra TV time. And as usual, he watched Cars...:-)


  1. hey where in arizona!!! and u move there now when am out of there!

    1. Hey Yuvi, we are moving to Chandler, but I am still looking for work there. I am going to pursue my Part time MBA from ASU. I start this Fall. Yeah, sad I could not be there when you were there. But you are always welcome, my dear.

    2. awesome! the sad part, I was in CHANDLER :).

    3. Hey Yuvi - Where in Chandler did you live? as in which apartments?